It was when Patrick Yeboah was asked how Kotoko have impacted on his career, that his first smile broke out.

The left-back struggled to get hold of himself, and when he finally did, after nearly a minute, said: “It has been very amazing.”

Yeboah joined the Porcupines as we augmented the squad for our African campaign last season, and has been seen churning out impressive performances in several games.

The left-back tells Kotoko Express his career has seen a massive turnaround since he starting grazing the field for the club.

“Kotoko is a big club and it offers big opportunities for players both on and off the field,” Yeboah observes. “In as much as I aimed at playing well for the club to push it forward, I also sat out to also use the platform to improve on my football career.”

Asked how he is living this dream, Yeboah’s face brightened as he beamed with a smile that was followed with peals of laughter and then a huge sigh.

“It has been very amazing,” he said. “I just cannot describe it. I got the chance to join the Local Black Stars a few months after I started playing for the club and it is amazing how popular I have become since my first game for Kotoko. It is amazing the number of clubs abroad that are seeking my services.”

“I do not have a manager because I have been my own man since I started playing professional football. I did not have people pushing me to become my manager, but it will surprise you now the number of people who are pressing me now. It is a great experience. It makes you want you to want to die for the club even more.”